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About us


The corner stone of our International Association of Timber-Raftsmen has been laid on November 11, 1989 in Barcelona, Catalonia-Spain. The association was officially founded in Spittal, Austria on 1 September 1991, twelve associations from Spain, Gemany, Italy, France, Austria, Finland and Sweden participated and status were signed in Venetia 5 September 1992.The International Association has now grown up into a organization of 38 members. The International Association keeps many contacts with other sister organizations that mantain the tradition on their lakes and rivers. The purpose of these contacts is to bring these organizations to cooperate with our International Association.


Our goal

One goal is to research historical documents and other evidence of timber floating methods by waterways, throughout the large river regions in the world up until the beginning of the modern industrial society. Through the centuries, rafting has brought timber to the cities for construction, for heating as well as for shipbuilding. The other goal of the International Timber-Raftsmen Association is to preserve the ecosystems of natural waters, lakes, rivers and even of forests.


Our Vision

The International Timber Raftsmen Association is a supranational association, that follow the common principles of peace, freedom and equality without any geographical, racial, ethnic, religious or political differences. It is formed by all those timber floating associations, that are willing to share them.


All members must be legally competent and independent and represent their own districts’ historical trades dealing with the transport of timber by waterways. They are registered non profit associations.

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